I think the pandemic has had a positive effect on cycling. I see more bike lanes being added, and each day more cyclists.

Swain FullerNew Yorker, Cyclist

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have made several changes to my lifestyle. I bought a new laptop, a new cell phone and upgraded my data plan. I also learned to use zoom, adopting the work-from-anywhere culture. I bought and played more video games, looked more into health and nutrition, vitamins, gut health and  supplements. 

I also now focus more on cycling. I bought a new Brompton and I have used it to travel back and forth to work meetings, to doctor appointments in Manhattan for check ups, to get groceries, to go touring the city and to avoid public transit. I learned to use bike maps, about bike components, bike touring, and traffic laws for cyclists. I stay abreast of cycling laws through YouTube and traffic laws on government websites. I learned that these laws can change quite frequently. 

Riding my Brompton helps me stay sane on a bright sunny day on a nice trail. Riding 30 miles along the Jersey Shore with the Brompton NY touring club, the views were amazing! Cinematic! 

We got on the New Jersey transit to get to our starting point. The conductor got out and said “Whoa! We can’t have all these bikes on board. We have to make room for other passengers. You have split up and go to other sections’ However, some of us found out we could fit about 4 or 5 folded Bromptons on train seats. Then someone in the group found out we could fit two more Bromptons between the bottom wedge of two of the train seats. Moments later the conductor walked by and he took a look at the bikes, hiding a smile. He was impressed and let us stay with the group in the same area because we didn’t take up much space. He never said a word again for the rest of the hour-long ride.

I think the pandemic has had a positive effect on cycling. I see more bike lanes being added, and each day more cyclists. People are still learning what Bromptons are, I get inquisitive looks from people trying to figure out what type of bike it is, especially when I’m folding it. I think most people in cities want a folding bike because they don’t have the space to put it in their homes but would like an alternative to public transit. I think we will see more Bromptons in the streets, more protected bike lanes, and a bigger focus on health and wellness, trends that already were blossoming..

Swain Fuller

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