I decided to keep biking to work even after we reopened and it still the best part of my day.

Madalyn DavidsonNew Yorker, Cyclist

I’m a dentist and when COVID-19 hit New York City I had to close my office for three months. People were afraid to ride the subway but I still had emergency patients to see and needed to get to my office daily to check messages and communicate with patients. 

I decided to bike down to my office on my Brompton. It was the best part of my day, being outside and getting fresh air. I decided to keep biking everyday to work even after we reopened and it’s still the best part of my day. My home is on the Upper West Side of New York City and I bike down to Midtown on 40th and Madison Avenue. It’s about a 25 minute ride and one half is in Central Park and the other half is biking through the city streets. On my way to work I cut through Times Square every morning and say hello to the Good Morning America Camera crew. It’s such a pick me up because they recognize me now and always say hello! 

I like to explore the city on my Brompton. It gives me more flexibility than the subway and I can go farther than I can walking. Everyone asks about the bike because it’s peculiar looking. It’s a good conversation starter! The city is full of interesting people from all walks of life. I like to watercolor city store fronts, and I can use my bike to get around and I carry my supplies in a Brompton bag that I seamlessly click on the front of the bike. 

I’m originally from a small town of 5000 people in Central Illinois and now my commute is through Central Park and Times Square. That’s pretty incredible to me! Without Covid I might never have decided to commute to work on my bike for fear I’d be too sweaty but it’s been great. Even in the heat of the summer, the mornings were cool and enjoyable. I’ve decided to keep biking and looking into Winter gear to keep riding through the cold weather!

I’ve lived in New York City for three years and am happy to see so many more dedicated  bike lanes added just in this short time. More and more people are on bikes now and I think it will remain that way. I hope they keep making the city more and more bike friendly! 

Madalyn Davidson

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